Online Learning Vs Classroom Learning

Lily and Lana, the sisters, were having an enormous fight. They had been fighting for millions of years. They were getting annoying and being a nuisance. So I quickly went downstairs to see what the humongous fight was about. Lily said, ” I like normal school because it is super fun and cool, I think classroom learning is better.” Lana suggested, “I like online classes because we could do a lot of research and we could see what things were and you could go to breakout rooms in Zoom”. All you need to know is the similarities and differences and the lending decision is your choice. Similarities are something that is the same or very similar while differences are different and not identical. Online learning is the same as classroom learning because you have the same teacher as usual and you meet the same friends in the classroom. You do everything the same and you can say hello to each other.
Firstly, about the similarities, online learning is pretty the same as classroom learning because you can always communicate with the same teacher and the same children. They are both learning and they are both the same routines, you can still use the same stationery or the same materials in the classroom. It’s all your decision. Deciding on how to do your homework? As the same, your teacher will always help you and the busy teacher will keep monitoring your progress and your work. There are many subjects to do in both. There are maths, science, English and many other ones. English is an example, you will need sheets, pictures perhaps, writings to help you, books, or some notes you found online.
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Secondly, you usually do the same activities and the same homework as usual in the classroom. You will always keep busy in the classroom or online in your room. You can talk straight to your awesome teacher if you have any issues or any confusing, inquisitive questions. The teacher can show you some things if you don’t know. You will always find it easy with a little help from someone helpful.
Offline Class
Thirdly, about the differences, online learning is a bit cheeky because many happy-go-lucky students can cheat on other websites using split-screen or maybe not to make it too suspicious, using another device. Sometimes, people turn off their cameras to play games, watch videos, listen to music, or maybe just not to pay attention or not even focus since it is as boring as doing homework as a child. On the device, you have to do different activities because imagine you were in the field playing, sweating running games, or playing baseball. You would have to pass the ball out to other students playing. There’s nowhere to throw the ball or else it will break into frightening fragments! The teacher and the students can communicate with you every day to help you learn. You will have a great time with your teacher who is always as busy as a bee.

Fourthly, students can pretend to be paying attention by taking a photo and copying it or just putting their heads down when the teacher is too distracted or too busy with other students who are paying attention and not being distracted. I am impressed with those students wasting money.

Fifthly, online learning is so much more relaxing than Classroom learning. For example, I was running late because I overslept! Firstly, waking up early, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, hey! I’m naked! Next, eat breakfast, go in the car rushing down in the traffic, 1 minute to class! What a big stress.

In online class you can just wake up at 8:40 15 minutes away from class, you have to wake up at 8:25 in normal classes, you can waste time brushing your teeth at the same time dancing and singing. You dress up like snails wasting 10 minutes. Use your maths! Eat your breakfast and get your device and type your password and the ID in Zoom. Easy! Still 5 minutes away from class… maybe play some games.

Sixty, online learning about connections, many students cannot do their classes because the WI-FI freezes very easily and many students use the WI-FI which makes it very frustrating and confusing at the same time. Not only do students use their devices, adults even use their devices. Sometimes, if the WI-FI is really bad, it causes a lot of problems making it super slow and hard. You sometimes have a low battery or disconnect. It can make people late and cannot hear the people talking. It is a good idea to be on mute when others are talking. That will make it a lot easier and not too annoying. If the connection is very bad, you can always go to another device and it will make it easier. If you don’t have another device, you can try to chat with a teacher and make it easier.
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Classroom learning never lags or freezes since do people freeze? That’s a no, people don’t lag or freeze in classrooms. That makes it super easy to talk with other people. You can go to school packed up and you can play games, you can touch people in the classroom and you can’t touch people on your device in online classes. At the new start of the year, the teachers will pack up new stationery, stable chairs, clean materials, or colorful books. At your home, you will need your breaking tablet, grimy, smudging books, filthy materials, falling chairs, and a wobbly table.

In conclusion, both are good and they are pretty similar. Now, you can make your own choices. You now can choose as quietly as you want. You can study by yourself or with others around you who can help. Perhaps you can go to your room, outside of a small, peaceful building where you have your stationary and enough room.