Nuclear Weapons

Hi, my Name is Matthew Sun, and today, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear weapons being banned.

Nuclear weapons. One of the biggest problems that are facing mankind right now. Many countries are threatening other countries with nuclear weapons and war could break out. Is it time to make a change? Do we really need nuclear weapons on our land where people could be threatened? Today, I’ll discuss the benefits and negatives of whether nuclear weapons should be banned.

There are lots of benefits if nuclear weapons were banned. One could include that nuclear weapons are a threat to society. In August 1945, the world suffered the first atomic bomb. United States designed an atomic bomb to end Japan in WWII. Knowing that it would kill innocent people who didn’t want war, they still did it. Hiroshima started with 255000 people, in the end, there were 135000 casualties. 66000 people died and 69000 were injured. Nagasaki started with 195000, in the end, there were 64000 casualties. 39000 people died and 25000 people got injured. What did this achieve? I know, this achieved world peace, but was this needed? I think not. There could be an easier way to get world peace. You could tell them that they have an atomic bomb and could launch it, and if they don’t back off, they will get bombed. They will back up at the hands of their citizens.
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Secondly, nuclear weapons are getting out of control. With hundreds of nuclear weapons getting produced, it is time we put a stop to that. The United States has over 2000 nuclear weapons and over 3000 nuclear warheads. The most powerful nuclear warhead is called the B83. A B83 can do 60 times the damage of the atomic bomb of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. There are around 650 B83’s in the United States. Other countries such as China and Russia haven’t even been included. 30 B83’s can already destroy 1 earth. How about Tsar Bomb? Tsar is the most damaging bomb ever made. It contained 58 million Tonnes of TNT. Combine all the explosives ever used in World War II, then times 10. Boom. You have a Tsar Bomb. Tsar is 4 times as big as something the U.S has ever exploded. The Tsar is also 3300 more times deadly than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Wow. It makes the Hiroshima bomb look like a kid water-bottle fight.
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Thirdly, there could be World War Three. With Ukraine and Russia fighting, it is not safe for the whole world to have nuclear weapons. Albert Einstein once said “World War 3 will be fought with nuclear bombs and bombs. However, World War 4 will be fought with rocks and sticks.” World War 3… That’s basically Ukraine and Russia fighting. They used nuclear bombs and bombs. Albert Einstein was correct. Do you know why Albert Einstein said that World War Four will be fought with rocks and sticks? Well… Since nearly all the nuclear weapons are gone, only rocks and sticks will survive. These would probably be the last moments of humanity, so. I don’t suggest getting WW3 up and ready.
However, on the other hand, there are lots of disadvantages if nuclear weapons were banned. Firstly, nuclear weapons are a weapon of self-defence. If foreign soldiers are coming into your land during a war, just grab a nuclear bomb and blast the people out of your land. Easy. Some countries have banned nuclear weapons; however, some countries have not banned nuclear weapons since they are a form of self-defence. 71 countries have not banned nuclear weapons. 69 countries did not vote, and 2 others did vote to not ban nuclear weapons. These include a country in the Netherlands and a country in Singapore.
Secondly, Nuclear weapon bans would mean nothing. The top countries such as China and the United States could easily make another type of nuclear weapons, but just not like nuclear weapons. They could drop a plane inside another plane with tons of TNT inside and have a dummy as a driver. This isn’t counted as a nuclear weapon, so China and United States could design lots of theses and say it isn’t nuclear bomb. Do you want to give China, the United States, and Russia any more ideas
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Thirdly, it changes the power and status of a country. Say there is a giant country, with no nuclear weapons and is a poor country. People will try and invade it, knowing that there are no nuclear bombs the country could bomb them with. Also imagine a super small island, however, lots of nuclear weapons. Nobody would invade it. Do you know why? They have nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to die from nuclear weapons, however, without nuclear weapons, it’s a free for all.
To sum up, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages for why nuclear weapons should be banned. Nuclear weapons are a social threat, are getting out of control and there could be World War 3. However, on the other side, there are lots of reasons why nuclear weapons should not be banned. These include that they are self-defence, nuclear weapons bans would mean nothing, and it changes the power and status of a country.