Neolithic Period

Have you ever wondered going back into time in the Neolithic period, a fascinating period that happened back in ancient times in China? Of course, China has a vast and vivid history, but we are going into time! Are you ready for our fascinating and bizarre and marvelous adventure? Well, get ready, and let’s head back into time into the ancient times in the Neolithic Period, and let’s find out! But wait, you better explain to me:

What is the Neolithic period?

Firstly, before we began our bizarre adventures, the Neolithic Period is a period when people have started making amazing beautiful pottery, which is very fragile and can sell for millions and a lot of money, of course. Pottery is considered one of the most beautiful and decorated arts in the world! But how did they make it? Well, that is a simple question. They made it by using clay! Also, they have started decorating and designing pottery! This is very important in history, of course, for example, the ancient Chinese people used Kang, which was over 2 meters, just enough for a bed for a person, for sleeping. It was like a bed, however, it was made of bricks and it was a sleeping platform. It was used in northern China, and as the climate, it was very cold.

Neolithic Period

Also, not only that, but the tiles played around the bed are warmed and heated up, making the bed or stove-bed warm. It is made of bricks or other forms of fired clay and not only that, but it doesn’t allow any heat escape, keeping your Kang warm and cozy. But hey, why do people in Northern China need them? This is because Northern China, such as places near Heilongjiang, are very scold, this includes Liaoning, Shenyang, Harbin, etc. Temperatures reach up to -49.7 degrees! With the help of Kang, however, people can stay warm and cozy during the long, cold winter.


Is that all for the Neolithic period? Are we ready to begin our adventures? Of course, not. The Neolithic period is so important because people have started building villages! From cave dwellings to tent-like houses and then onto villages! What a huge difference! Also, during the Neolithic period, people have started planting, which is planting crops, such as rice, millet,, and much more. By about 8000 BC in the Neolithic period, people have started farming and keeping animals, such as pigs, cows, dogs, which were treated as part of the family as they helped people with hunting and much more. Hunting animals were very important in the Neolithic period because animals were one of the main food sources at that time. It was surely hard to hunt down big monsters, such as the Wooly Mammoth, which went extinct roughly at the end of the Stone Age. However, it was worth it as it provided a huge meal for the villagers and the village.

But you might be wondering, what types of people were there in villages in the Neolithic period. Good question! There are many types of people. Take the hunters,, for example, they go and hunt animals, such as the Wooly Mammoths and bring them period back as food. There are also gatherers, which are also very important as they gather things. Some are farmers, which they plant crops and harvest them as the people in the Neolithic period started to grow much more crops, such as rice, millet, etc. Farming is an important part of history and plantation helps people to eat. Take countries like China, for example, their main food source is rice. Without rice, people won’t be able to eat it. Rice provides minerals and is very nutritious.

Secondly, 1How about 8000 BC? What does BC even mean? BC means and stands for Before-Century and before the year 0. 8000 BC means that it is 8000 years before the year 0 has begun. For example, 2021 means 2021 years after year 0 has begun. In the year 8000 BC, people started farming animals and crops. But what does this mean? This means that cows, sheep, and chickens are farmed. Also, they have a storage system. They began organizing everything underground, such as food, water, salt, meat, etc. This was a huge development as they are more organized and can easily find things without looking everywhere! As in the picture, they are storing their food in bags and bottles. As there was always excessive food and water, they needed to keep everything salted and preserved for the future for them to eat if anything happened.

Neolithic Period

Can we please board our spaceship? Please? Of course, not. We have tons more to go through! The Neolithic Revolution—also referred to as the Agricultural Revolution—is thought to have begun about 12,000 years ago. It coincided with the end of the last ice age and the beginning of the current geological epoch! But hey, what is an epoch? An epoch is a particular period of time in history or a person’s life! What a coincidence that it had happened right at the end of the Ice Age!

Lastly, what other knowledge do I need to know to begin on our bizarre and fun adventure into the Neolithic period? Well luckily, this is your last one you will need to know about! The Neolithic Revolution, also called the Agricultural Revolution, marked the transition in human history from small, nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers to larger, agricultural settlements and early civilization. The Neolithic Revolution started around 10,000 B.C. in the Fertile Crescent, a boomerang-shaped region of the Middle East where humans first took up farming. Shortly after, Stone Age humans in other parts of the world also began to practice agriculture. Civilizations and cities grew out of the innovations of the Neolithic Revolution.

Finally, we can go on the spaceship to the Neolithic period! Board the Neolithic Spaceship and join us on our adventures!