My Ducks

My ducks, which are also my waterfowl, are very cute because they always drop droppings in my yard. They are especially amazing at flying. I have two wild ducks that are mallard ducks. I have to feed white bread or non-flavored RITZ crackers when they are ravenous, or else they will quack as loud as a car and I can’t do my millions of paper homework. They are laying wild duck eggs in our backyard. At this stage, they are not too healthy because their eggs are as soft as a bunny’s fur. We had two eggs, but one of them stepped on their eggs. That’s crazy! Once, I was seeing if they could fly or not. Instead, they flew to the roof, cowardly. They weren’t so confident at that time, thus they were frightened.

We don’t know why they come every day because we didn’t force them to come every day, we wanted them to come one or two times a week or so. They have been with us for maybe a few weeks or a month, let’s just say that.

I learned a lesson that waddling wild ducks can fly very high up the sky and home ducks cannot fly since the obedient owners have to cut the duck’s wings so they could not fly far away. I bet the ducks are very unlucky and miserable. I called the overwhelming male duck Lukey and the playful female duck Lily Pad. Lukey eats less than Lily Pad because he is a grown-up man and is safe than sorry. Both are grown-ups, except Lukey is larger. He is a worried male if any of his family members get roasted on the BBQ by greedy people.

They are both called mallard ducks, male ducks have a dark green head, light grey back, a little curled feather on the end of the male duck’s tail ,and flanks which means the sides of the duck’s body between the ribs and the hips, female ducks only have peachy brown feathers. You might see them together a lot or always because they are normally partners who spend a lot of time with each other. They particularly love eating and love to lay in our backyard.


Lukey is incredibly experienced at flying and running like the wind. He is very quiet, peaceful, and never quacks as much as Lily Pad. He is very careful, cautious, and protective all the time. He is a loving duck and is always a happy lark. He is always eating quietly and pretty because Lukey eats half a loaf of bread or one loaf of bread every day. He is always a hero of the ducks.

Lily Pad is a great walker and a loving eater. She sometimes or often comes for a snack without her partner. She is a very cheerful and cheeky duck. She is also a very quick eater. She is growing fast and getting larger because of the loaves of bread or the nonflavored crackers. She is a curious, nosy duck because she always looks at me adorably when she feels that she hasn’t eaten for millions of years. She is adorable and chubby, yet good-for-nothing like a pig.


When ducks sleep, they don’t sleep like people, they sleep in a shady area under a tree making sure there are no risky things around them or loud, banging, or annoying noises around them. They put their beak in their soft and comfy feathers to make sure they are warm. When Lily Pad hears annoying noises, she immediately stops sleeping and sees if there are any troublemakers. Lukey doesn’t care and drifts off to sleep again. They cuddle up like a circle when they want to sleep or rest.

They don’t necessarily need to make nests, they can just sleep anywhere they want. Lily Pad enjoys and likes our spa because she peeks water and drops droppings everywhere. Lily Pad and Lukey don’t need a pond so specially, but I’m sure they will enjoy splashing, paddling, and swimming around in a pond.

Lily Pad laid an egg in the grass. But… Other than that hard and yellowish color, it was rather fragile and as soft as a feather pillow. Her eggs were white with slightly yellow spots on the eggs. Duck eggs are very easy to break because they lay eggs when it is nearly time to crack. Mostly, if the duck is healthy, then it would be nice and hard. Not like chickens, we have to wait for a thousand years. And you have to wait for it to crack.

Duck egg shells are also thicker and harder to break than a chicken egg. It’s not hard to hit but the shell is very hard. You may even have to hit it thoroughly a few times until it happens and breaks. The color of the eggs are not identically the same. The chicken’s egg is yellow or light brown, but the duck’s eggs are not. They are white, pale light green or blue, non-flavored, or even purple depending on the mother’s feather’s colors.


My ducks are my friends, maybe my pets, but they don’t live here. We cannot force them to live here since they have their parents and their family. Ohh! They can fly and they can jump, so there’s no use to block themselves up. They can just fly as high as they want in the air or they can just jump up onto our fences. I always laugh at the naughty ducks. The thing is, don’t lay too many eggs or our house will explode with eggs! Lily Pad seems like such an innocent little duck. Lily Pad, who is not afraid of me anymore, can eat from my clumsy hands and since she is confident with me now, she can always eat from my fat hands.