Keep Going

When the world goes to bed,

he lays there with thoughts cramped in his head.

He debates and doubts who he is.

He wonders what is fake and what is truly his.

He puts a blanket over his rainy cloud of sorrow,

Hoping to stop it from leaking.

But pain can’t just come in and out as his cloud isn’t hollow.

He hides his feelings with his eyes desperately burning,

Covering his emotions with a sweet smile of what looks like joy.

But what’s inside is still what keeps his on-edge world turning.


His empty heart pumps hopelessly as seconds of his life go by

The same question ringing in his head: now what will I do?

His heart watches guiltily as he helplessly lies

lying to others, lying to himself, hiding what is true


His life has fallen down a cliff and shattered like a teacup

but he cries feeling sorry for himself instead of climbing back up.

This is a choice in life that he has the power to make

But he ignores the option of moving on and thinks this is his fate.


Are you one to persevere?

Or will you give in to life?

Are you one to live through fear?

Or will you stop moving forward?


Imagine you are on a long journey to success

And you trip on a rock

Will you stay behind to curse at it and wildly protest?

Or ignore it and move on?