Master the English Language with Our English Tuition in North Shore

The English language can be tricky for young learners or second language speakers. However, with Kidzanya’s English Tuition in North Shore your child will master the English language with ease! If your child is struggling with English at school, here are some advantages of enrolling them with us.

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Advantages of Enrolling in Kidzanya’s English Tuition in North Shore

Academics is one of the most important spheres where a child has to do good in order to grow. Therefore, parents prioritise academics and admit their kids to the best schools. However, often school alone is not enough and a child may require some extra help to do better, especially for tricky subjects like English. To solve this issue, Kidzanya’s After School English Tutors in North Shore is here to help children get a better understanding of what they have learnt in class and do better at school. Here are some of the advantages of availing our services:

A Unique Experience

We welcome your children to our safe learning environment and provide them with the best English Tuition in North Shore. We provide a unique learning experience through our knowledgeable tutors. They will easily be able to identify your child’s needs and accordingly plan a specialised course plan to help them understand and speak the language confidently and fluently. We support our students at all times and push them to achieve their goals.

English Tuition North Shore
English Tuition North Shore

Enhance Communication Skills

Our After School English Tutors in North Shore give your child all the attention they need to gradually progress in their English lessons. We make sure that your child knows the fundamental basics of the subject and then proceed to teach them the course. Besides this, along with written English, we also focus on our students being able to communicate fluently in the language, as communication in English is just as important. Thus, we help your child to speak in English confidently without any hesitation.

Personal Attention for all Students

It is impossible for school teachers to give individual attention to students, which as a result worries many parents as they feel that their child isn’t getting enough help and attention in class. At Kidzanya we address this issue thoroughly as our tutors make sure to attend personally to each and every student, taking care of all their requirements. At our English Tuition in North Shore we also offer personalised classes for your children if that is needed.

Personal Attention
English Tuition North Shore

Academic Performance & Confidence Improvement

At Kidzanya our focus is on the improvement of your child’s academic performance along with their confidence. Our After School English Tutors in North Shore not only help students learn English grammar and composition but also concentrate on their overall development.

Thus, if you want to help your child excel at school, do contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer any queries that you may have and make the onboarding of your child as smooth as possible.

Why is it Important to Learn English at our English Tuition in North Shore?

English is a language that is spoken widely internationally, it is one of the top mediums of communication and plays an important role in our lives. It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. Learning English helps students be more open-minded, develop emotional skills, and improve the overall quality of life by getting more job opportunities. It is also widely used in academic writing and literature since the majority of readers can clearly understand and interpret the ideas in this specific language.

There are four core skills that are essential for learning the English language:

English comes in many contexts and accents. Thus, in order to understand this, it is important to practise listening to a variety of sources, such as movies, TV Shows, and broadcasts.

This is the key aspect to develop fluency, pronunciation, and confidence in the language. Therefore, it is crucial to speak regularly with other English speakers in order to practise and develop this skill.

In order to build vocabulary, comprehension, and overall language proficiency, it is important to work on your reading skill. You can do this by reading books most appropriate for your level and then increase accordingly.

Practising to write different types of texts, such as essays, letters, and emails help to improve this skill. This is an essential skill to develop grammar, sentence structure and organisation.