About Us

It is confidence that counts!

Kidzanya understands that every student learns differently. we develop a strategy to help children to catch up and improve in the core areas of English and Maths and all other subjects to help them reach their full potential.


Kidzanya is an interactive and safe center made for children aged 6-18. We introduce our students to interactive and fun ways of learning. Our motive is to help future generation to overcome the educational obstacles by giving them the best learning techniques.

A good teacher is all it takes! – Every child was born with different potential, it takes a good teacher to recognize that potential and help the child grow. Our teachers are well trained to teach different styles of learning in order to meet every child’s need.

It takes more than academic knowledge in the world out there- We do both personalized one-on -one sessions and group activities to help your child develop overall.

We help our students to thrive confidence and talent.
With us, no student would have to face challenges alone.

After School Tutoring

After School Tutoring

We provide group as well as one-on-one sessions to meet every child’s needs. These lessons have similar structure to their curriculum in school. The only difference is that we provide personal attention to each child to get best out of all students.

90 Minutes Per Lesson

Average concentration level of human is around 20 mins max. We make sure we incorporate activities in our lesson plan to make it more relaxed and easy to resist in brain.

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers will not simply teach students, they understand the psychology behind the learning process of each student to convert learning into smart learning.

Free Assessment

Free Assessment is done for every new student. It helps teachers know the student abilities and areas that need to dwell on and work towards improvement. Thus, student study plan is also based on these factors.

qualified teachers