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Help Your Child Grow Academically With Our Expert Tuitions in North Shore

If you are a student trying to enhance your academic skills or a parent seeking a helping hand for your child’s growing academic needs, then you are at the right spot. Kidzanya’s Tuitions in North Shore is an educational centre that is perfect for children aged 6-18 as well as for adult learners.

At our tuition centre, our highly qualified North Shore Tutors provide detailed lessons on specific subjects that are curated according to every child’s needs. We make our classes enjoyable and engaging through our vibrant teaching methods and materials. Our goal is to help our students build confidence and unleash their full potential. Our courses include:

English Course

English Course

Our North Shore Tuitions for English are tweaked in such a way that your child can learn the language easily and have an unique learning experience.

Math Course

Maths Course

Enrolling for our Maths Tuitions in North Shore will remove the fear of maths and allow them the opportunity to explore the world of numbers.

Science Course

Science Course

Our North Shore Tutors make learning science fun and interactive. We teach how to master science and provide a learning environment that will give your child a welcoming experience.

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Individual Attention

At our North Shore Tuitions we provide individual attention to each student. To achieve this, we keep our batches small which allows us to retain the quality of the learning process and also gives our teachers more time to focus on individual students. We have a variety of materials and processes to make this a possibility, such as:

We Assess Before You Join our Tuitions in North Shore

To give each student the best learning experience, we at Kidzanya take a joining test at our North Shore Tuitions that lets us assess and position every student according to their learning capabilities. This test informs our teachers about the weak areas of a student, allowing them to specifically focus on that area. Furthermore, we administer monthly and end of term assessments and reports to keep track of each student’s progress.

Why Choose Kidzanya to Unlock Your Child's Potential?

Kidzanya’s Tuitions in North Shore is an interactive education centre gearing towards making education fun and enjoyable for children aged 6-18 as well as for adult learners. Our aim is to make students overcome their fear of particular subjects and to help them understand their subjects better through our interactive and dynamic learning techniques.

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How do North Shore Tutors Help Students?


At Kidzanya our North Shore Tutors help students who need special care in academics in an entertaining and interactive way. We are aware that each and every student has different levels of understanding of a subject and one type of teaching approach may work on one student, while a different approach may be required for a different student. Therefore, at Kidzanya’s Tuitions in North Shore, we have worked on ‘personalised classes’, where every child is treated differently according to their needs. Our North Shore Tutors explain the subjects very clearly and ensure that students are upgrading their skills through our teaching approach.

It is not practical for school teachers to provide close attention to individual students because they have to cater to a whole class. Even if they somehow survive primary school, middle school might seem difficult for them as it brings new challenges for the students. So, at Kidzanya’s Tuitions in North Shore we tackle this problem by providing one-to-one attention to all our students. We help your child with their problems, and provide them with the best solutions. Our North Shore Tutors at Kidzanya plan personalised activities for the kids, and pay individual attention to each and every student so that they can learn easily and learn better.

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North Shore Tutors

Every child learns differently, so we need to teach subjects in ways that make it easier for them to understand. At our Tuitions in North Shore, we change the curriculum from time to time. Nowadays, schools focus on an integrated way of learning that involves innovations and our North Shore Tutors can help students to cope with the lessons.

Therefore, to ensure your child has a full academic growth, enrol in our after-school North Shore Tuitions today and we will help your child excel in academics.

Kidzanya have been great for our son. They have helped him gain confidence and knowledge in Maths. We would highly recommend them to friends and family without any hesitation. Thank you Kidzanya!
Claudia CairnsClaudia Cairns
03:28 13 Oct 18
Have thoroughly enjoyed taking the adult foreign language courses here - the teachers are very accommodating around working hours and provide a warm and friendly learning environment
Amila EkanayakeAmila Ekanayake
10:49 26 Sep 18
Sri RajapaksheSri Rajapakshe
02:38 19 Sep 18

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